Recollecting My Thoughts

By on 7/8/2020

As I've egostistically announced yesterday, I'm taking a short break from social media. With this break, comes a chance to reflect over this activity that has certainly taken over our entire culture; smashing demographic barriers, and changing just about everything about how we communicate.

Reviewing my behavior on twitter and facebook, and the archives, you can see that I started tailing off over the years as these platforms grew. Suddenly it became easier to simply tweet out a thought, without the added weight of having to pen an entire post, as I would have in the past. This ethereal nature is surely part of what makes social media so compelling, in addition to how simple it is to engage with other folks without having to maintain an easily spammed comment infrastructure, or * gasp *, having to read someone's blog in response to yours.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not necessarily bashing social media, though it's tempting. At the end of the day, progress is usually good; I'm sure that this massive cultural change will have far reaching changes. I honestly can't wait to see what my children's generation will create as far as music, art, media, and science/technology. I guess sometimes you just get wistful for days long gone. I remember coming up in the early days of blogging, when the word "blog" wasn't even a thing. For a glorious moment, we had a decentralized web of creators, each controlling their own tech stack (mostly) ... patched together with some common specs. I miss those days sometimes.

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