By on 7/8/2020

There's a lot of things going on in the world today ... it feels like we've lived 10 lifetimes in the last 3-4 months. All of the above left my mind in almost a literal cloudy haze ... it was almost impossible to focus on anything, any side projects I was working have almost all gone by the wayside as I just helplessly watched the world burn.

I've already written several times about how I'm limiting my social media activity in the month of July ... we'll see how that changes after July; but in the meantime, I've also re-arranged my regular charitable contributions towards organizations that are helping my community. For me, I live in Orlando, FL so the organizations that I'm donating to right now are:

  • ACLU of Florida: There are so many issues right now such as police brutality and voting rights; issues which the ACLU has historically worked to make better. So I'm supporting the ACLU of Florida, so that they might help us one day be in the news for more than just "Florida Man" newsbites 🐊
  • Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida: The economy has been hard hit with the repercussions of our failed response to the COVID-19 virus. Food is at the very bottom of maslow's pyramid ... without it, we cannot live; so for central floridians who are unable to find work, the food bank helps keep their families fed while they get back on their feet 🍴

I encourage everyone to look to their local communities, and to find the organizations that are working to help with the issues affecting your fellow citizens.

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