C# 5 First Look

By on 12/13/2012

C# 5 First Look

My book is finally available for pre-order! From the overview:
  • Learn about all the latest features of C#, including the asynchronous programming capabilities that promise to make apps ultra-responsive
  • Examine how C# evolved over the years to be more expressive, easier to write, and how those early design decisions enabled future innovations
  • Explore the language’s bright future building applications for other platforms using the Mono Framework
In the later chapters of the book, you learn to build 3 different applications, the first is a Flickr viewer for Windows RT

Flickr Viewer


The second is an HTML5 Mobile app using ASP.NET MVC that uses the geolocation APIs and SignalR to build a "SoLoMo" experience.

Join Up


And finally, using MonoMac to build a Mac App using C# 5 (though, irony of ironies, Xamarin announces Xamarin.Mac yesterday).

Mac App

It was a pleasure working with everyone from Packt on this title. Special thanks to Asher DeVuyst for reviewing the book and giving me great feedback :P

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