Parse an iOS plist on Android

By on 5/16/2012

I was implementing a feature in the CalorieCount Android App the other day that was previously implemented in the iOS version of that same app. Just needed to show a list of timezones based on what country was selected. Not rocket science at all, but the iOS implementation was storing the data in a plist file, with a <dict> element inside. So rather than take that data and try to translate it to something more 'android specific' ... I decided to just use the file as is. The biggest benefit was that in the future if we ever had to update the file, I could update it in place, and simply copy it over to the other platform.

So I copied the file into my xml folder, and wrote this simple parser that reads the file in, and parses it into a HashMap

The way I look at it, may as well reuse what we've got, and spend less time yak shaving (ie. translating between platforms) ... git 'er done!

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