Calorie Count @ NYTM

By on 9/23/2011

This is already a few weeks old, but someone finally uploaded a good video of the presentation that I was a part of at the September New York Tech Meetup.

Igor showed off the awesome new voice logging feature that we recently added to the iPhone version of the app (coming soon to the Android version). Then I manned the keyboard to show off a little hack that we put together that same day. We provisioned a Twilio phone number, and let the user record a little 10 second clip of what they want to log (ie. "one banana, two cups of coffee"). We then took that clip and sent it to iSpeech who transcribed it. And finally we ran the transcribed text through our own API to log it.

Igor asked the crowd to call in the phone number, which they did, and it worked! It was a great experience, and a fun day. Many thanks to Hal Rotholz as well as he was instrumental in getting this hack up and running, in addition to monitoring the server while we were up there :-P

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