SteamBirds for Windows Phone

By on 8/18/2011

Now Available for the Windows Phone Marketplace, SteamBirds:
The turn-based aerial combat game that over twelve million people have played!

"...Steambirds lies in wait to rob you of your Monday morning." --Penny Arcade

Use bombs, missiles and poison gas to defeat enemy planes in this unique turn-based game! This version features improved graphics, new music, and local multiplayer mode.

There’s already a few reviews in the marketplace, my favorite is:
OMG!!!!!!! THE Steambirds is out!!! I've played this game in flash,now it's out for wp7. A must have game for RTS lovers. Runs perfect & smooth [… snip …] 10 out of 5 stars!!!
As with Udder Chaos, this game was built with FlatRedBall. Many thanks to Vic and the rest of the team involved for the opportunity to work on this game. Lots of exciting things on the horizon Smile

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