ONETUG XNA Presentation Files

By on 2/4/2009

As promised, here are the presentation files from the ONETUG presentation the other night.

The .zip contains both the powerpoint slides that I used in the presentation, and the two sample projects I developed during the presentation.

  • TwoD
    • This sample shows some basic 2D techniques for dealing with sprites on the screen.
    • Simple velocity calculations for locomotion (Position += Velocity)
    • Orbiting one sprite around another
    • Launching projectiles at a steady pace.
    • Sprite helper class that makes it easy to position sprites around the world.
    • I didn't use it in the sample, but I also have a ResourcePool datatype that makes it easy to reuse entities without having to reallocate new memory.  This is actually a really useful technique, I'd like to write about it in a separate blog post.
  • ThreeD
    • First Person Shooter style Camera.  It's a GameComponent, so you just have to add it to the Components collection to use it.
    • Used the QuadDrawer class from the 3D Audio sample.  I added a few useful overloads and methods to let you draw billboarded sprites and the floor.
    • ModelSprite that makes drawing sprites and positioning it about the world easy.
    • Used the Sky box processor from the Generated Geometry sample.
    • All the helper classes (QuadDrawer, ModelSprite, and Sky) all know the camera, so they can make use of its view and projection matrix.

Thanks to everyone who showed up :-)

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