May Their Stack Overfloweth

By on 9/17/2008

Just to give them some googlejuice, I wanted to link to the new programming community site From their vision statement:

Stackoverflow is sort of like the anti-experts-exchange (minus the nausea-inducing sleaze and quasi-legal search engine gaming) meets wikipedia meets programming reddit. It is by programmers, for programmers, with the ultimate intent of collectively increasing the sum total of good programming knowledge in the world. No matter what programming language you use, or what operating system you call home. Better programming is our goal.

I have to say that I love the idea of someone unseating experts-exchange.  I've always hated the fact that these answers show up on google, and they try to trick you into signing up just to see the answer. 

And I also really like the way that they are changing the way that a community site is structured.  I've been a member of many many many an online forum, and I have to say that I'm tired of the same ol' paradigm of the forum.  And they also use OpenID! :-P

So to them I say, Best of Luck!

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