Scurvy Media v0.7.2008.0427 Released!

By on 4/28/2008

I'm happy to announce that the next version of Scurvy.Media has finally been released :-) My original plan to support audio in this release was subsumed by some actual requests for the following features/fixes.  It's rather exciting to see the library actually being used for some projects and I hope that these items, along with further feedback will propel the project to greater and greater heights.


Release Notes

  • XBox 360 Project Support!
  • Streaming playback mode is now multithreaded.  On xbox, it defaults to Core#2.
  • Texture setting is now double-buffered to avoid stalls.
  • Internal video related functionality has been moved to the Scurvy.Media.VideoModel namespace to avoid crowding up the root Media namespace.
  • Fixed InvalidOperationException bug.  Description here. This was a side-effect of the double buffering feature above :-)
  • Improved runtime allocation profile slightly by removing debug write statements (lots of string allocation).

Known Issues

  • Using "In Memory" playback type throws an exception. This will be fixed in a follow up release.
  • Using compression partially garbles the texture playback.  There is an active thread on the XNA forums about this here.  Once resolved, the content pipeline will be able to support larger videos, and have a smaller disk footprint of the processed XNB file.
  • Importing a large video will still throw an OutOfMemoryException.  I have a bug logged on the XNA Connect site.  However, it has been closed with no hint as to whether it was deferred, or solved.  If the compression issue noted above is resolved, it will mitigate this issue.

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