The Difficulties of Audio

By on 1/24/2008

So now that I'm looking @ the next features for Scurvy Media ... the issue of Audio comes up.  Currently, if you add a video to play in your XNA project, it will be silent.  Now, the problem is that the "audio pipeline" is completely separated from the content pipeline. 

Even though technically speaking, the XACT project is added and processed by the content pipeline ... the audio is still gated by the requirement of wave forms being added to the XACT UI.  Thus, being able to add audio items programmatically is an issue.

I toyed around with the possibility of extracting the .wav and programmatically creating an xact project from the video importer ... but comments on the forums suggested that having more than one AudioEngine instance wouldn't be smart.  So it looks like in the meantime, I'll have to simply provide a separate tool to extract the audio from the .avi, and then an API to sync up the audio playing with the video.

If anyone has any ideas, they'd be very welcome :-)

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