Scurvy Media v0.5.2007.1104

By on 11/4/2007

I decided to make an "official" binary only release which can be found here. Technically, the only new feature that wasn't there before is a slightly more informative exception that gets thrown if you try to load a streaming video without the VideoContentManager.

Hopefully this will encourage library use, and potentially some feedback/bug reports now that you don't have to compile the code before using it :-)

If you're curious about the format of the build number, I've found from recent experience at work, that having an informational build number can be quite useful. this is basically the format: <major>.<minor>.<yyyy>.<mmdd>

The only reason it's not major.minor.revision.timestamp is because there is a bug in msbuild.

On, and also ... I've also checked in a new branch of the code. This is where I'll hack n' slash the pipeline code to support larger videos. The problem of course is that currently, the importer will load the whole thing into video, which, on a large video would starve your computer of memory. It will ideally just load the right kind of importer content type, and only read each frame at "write time" so that only one frame at a time would need to be in memory (or whatever the GC deems appropriate.

Slowly but surely, I'm working on this ... by hook or by crook ;-)

ps. now that I've had to disable comments, if you have feedback on this lib, just hit up the discussion forums on the scurvy media codeplex site.

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