Joel Martinez Software Engineer at Xamarin. Founded ONETUG. Author of 'C# 5 First Look' en-us Xamarin I'm incredibly excited to announce that I've joined Xamarin! When I wrote my book, I remarked to a few friends at the time that it was basically a love letter to C#; a language that is powerful, ... Joel Martinez 2013-08-19 Exceptionally Simple Writing Tips Pretty awesome Reddit thread where people give tips on writing. Some of my favorite tidbits: ... Joel Martinez 2013-08-16 Apps for Your Data At the combined iOS/Android meetup last night, Demian Seiler did a short presentation on PressGram. It is an app that purports to replace instagram, and does so by posting your pictures to your own... Joel Martinez 2013-08-01 Static Site Generator This site is now being generated by a CLI tool to generate a static site from a Wordpress export file. Uses RazorEngine as the templating engine, and a Wordpress post export file as the input. You ... Joel Martinez 2013-07-31 Latest Open Source Projects Just wanted to post a little information about some projects that I've open sourced recently: TattooDB-Android - TattooDB is a simple document-orien... Joel Martinez 2013-06-29 C# 5 First Look My book is finally available for pre-order! From the overview: ... Joel Martinez 2012-12-13 Introducing Viewer for Khan Academy (Windows 8) After much hard work, I'm happy to announce the release of a project I've been working on, Viewer for Khan Academy on the Windows Store (windows 8). The source code can be found on GitHub... Joel Martinez 2012-09-26 Universal Subtitles C# API Wrapper This is available on GitHub here: C# 5.0 API Wrapper for the Universal Subtitles service, which is what the Khan Academy... Joel Martinez 2012-08-02 Back in Orlando Well that was fun :) It was only two years ago that I moved to NYC. In that time, I made a ton of new friends, had great conversations, and expanded my horizons by changing my focus to mobile devel... Joel Martinez 2012-07-26 Twilio Request Parameters in ASP.NET MVC Integrating Twilio into your ASP.NET MVC applications is now just a tiny bit easier ... The latest twilio-csharp... Joel Martinez 2012-07-09 Multi-Armed Bandit in C# After reading this fantastic blog post about how to do better than A/B testing (, I decided to create an implementation of the algorithm in C#. As I alrea... Joel Martinez 2012-05-31 DarkSky API Wrapper for C# When I saw that the guys from Dark Sky were releasing an API, I knew I wanted to work with it. So I whipped up a quick C# API Wrapper for the DarkSky API. You can find the project here on GitHub: ... Joel Martinez 2012-05-29 The Problem with C# 5's async/await Pattern C# 5 brings a fantastic new feature … built-in asynchrony (not to be confused with concurrency... Joel Martinez 2012-05-21 Twilio-CSharp for MonoTouch and Android I noticed that Twilio's official C# client didn't have a version that you could use from MonoTouch and Mono for Android. So I took a few minutes, forked the project, and added some MonoDevelop proj... Joel Martinez 2012-05-17 Parse an iOS plist on Android I was implementing a feature in the CalorieCount Android App the other day that was previously implemented in the iOS version of that same app. Just needed to show a list of timezones based on what... Joel Martinez 2012-05-16