The Droids I’m Looking For

By on 8/22/2011

Calorie Counter & Diet TrackerI’m quite excited to reveal that, after 4+ years at my current employer, I’ve decided to accept a new position.

The new position is with, working in their Calorie Count business unit on their Android app. The app was recently featured on TechCrunch, covering a new feature which came to the iOS version. I will be working to bring that feature and others to the Android version.

This is of course a bit of a departure for me, professionally speaking. Having lived most of my professional life working with Microsoft technologies; I see it as a huge opportunity to broaden my horizons, and experience a different perspective. So far, Java hasn't been that tough to pick up, and the Android SDK is easy enough to work with.

The team I will be working with has a radically different culture than I’ve seen in many places. For example; Although it’s part of a larger organization, the business unit is run somewhat as a startup. They even meet at NewWorkCity on Wednesdays just to change things up. This appeals to me a great deal, and I look forward to operating in an environment that eschews traditional corporate processes in favor of getting results.

Calorie Count

I’ve learned a great deal in the last 5 years. And I’ve come away from the experience with some of the best friends and most trusted colleagues. Also, just because I’ll be doing some Android programming now, I still love XNA, and I still love my Windows Phone … I will probably just have a few extra gadgets on my persons from now on Winking smile

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