Scurvy Media is now Open Source

By on 9/8/2007

So this may or may not be exciting for you faithful readers, but I've decided to release my little project out into the world as open source.

The project is called Scurvy Media, and can be found on CodePlex:

Why did I call it Scurvy Media when it only contains the Video playing library? Well, I actually have a pretty big interest in both Audio and Video media. I would like eventually for this library to encompass a lot of the ideas I have in that field.

What's Included

  1. Content Pipeline assembly:
    1. AVI importer Lets you import AVI videos. the importer architecture is such that you could create importers for additional types of videos.
    2. In-memory processor Memory will be loaded fully into memory when you load the video.
    3. Streaming processor Video will be streamed from disk at runtime.
  2. Runtime assembly
    1. Video class very simple runtime class that has a Play method, and properties such as Loop and IsPlaying.
    2. video content manager. If you're using the streaming processor, you have to use this custom content manager because of the way the file stream must be handled.
I'll be talking about some of the limitations soon, which is what's driving the current development. Hopefully this project will grow to provide lots of media related functionality to the XNA community :-)

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